De-sulphuriser for home fuel cells

Mitsubishi Liquefied Petroleum Gas Ltd, Tokyo, Japan, has developed a de-sulphuriser that can prolong the life of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel cells for the home. The fuel cells derive hydrogen from LPG using a special hydrogen reformer. LPG contains sulphur that increases in concentration as a storage tank empties. LPG with a high concentration of sulphur can degrade the catalyst in the reformer and shorten the overall working life of the fuel cell. Mitsubishi’s new de-sulphuriser is made from a sulphur-absorbing cartridge fitted inside a stainless steel container. The cartridge can keep the concentration of sulphur in the LPG supplied to the fuel cell below a concentration of 10 parts per million. Made from activated carbon, this cartridge can simply be replaced each time the tank is exchanged.

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