CNNC accomplishes new generation cladding material

The new generation N45 zirconium alloy (200-kilogram-level) cladding material researched recently by the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC) of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) passed the evaluation of experts from the China Nuclear Fuel Corporation (CNFC), Chongqing University and other institutes, which will provide the cladding material for the research and development on the CF4 advanced fuel elements.

After achieving success in developing the N36 fuel element cladding material of HPR1000, the Nuclear Power Institute of China targeted at the research trend of the international advanced zirconium alloy, and researched and developed the advanced N45 zirconium alloy, with supreme ex-core comprehensive performance and commensurate to global mainstream on zirconium alloy performance.

The development of the fuel rod cladding material is an extremely crucial sector in the design and research on fuel elements. The performance and quality of cladding materials have a direct bearing on the breakage rate of fuel rods alongside the maximum fuel consumption values that fuel rods can endure. At present, the 200-kilogram-level N45 zirconium alloy tubes have been officially handed over the factory to manufacture related assemblies, and programmed to receive the in-core irradiation test at the Qinshan nuclear power plant in January 2017.

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