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Working together with global Stainless Steel Materials’ experts, engineers and companies involved in the manufacture or use of stainless steels/CRAs, we provide here a selection of original, non-commercial articles. These in-depth technical papers are written or co-written by operating companies, describing commercially viable new technologies and case histories of successful applications, backed by data. Topics include tubes & pipes, cladding, offshore, chemical process industry, welding & fabrication, 13Cr stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys, pulp & paper and duplex stainless steels.
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Achieving ASTM G48 Corrosion test at 40°C on super duplex

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing allows 3D-printing of large objects at less expense and in a far shorter time. After years of extensive research, commercialization has begun, and heavy industry is set to be transformed.

What is the most efficient method of cladding the inside of a large CMn...

By Peter Stones, IEng MWeldI IWE/EWE Q: We are preparing to fabricate a large CMn steel vessel that needs lining with a 19% Chromium /...

Huge potential for biogas in West India

According to a recent report by German Biomass Research Institute DBFZ, all the preconditions required to develop a biogas industry can already be found in West India.

The performance of duplex stainless steels in caustic soda

Caustic soda (NaOH) is widely used in industry, and at lower temperatures and concentrations carbon steel is commonly used. However, at higher concentrations and temperatures the corrosion rate increases, and there is a significant risk of caustic stress corrosion cracking (SCC).

Duplex stainless steel quality – ASTM A923 vs ISO 17781

The use of hydrogen in the steel making process is an important topic affecting manufacturers around the globe.

Hydrogen in metallurgy

The use of hydrogen in the steel making process is an important topic affecting manufacturers around the globe.

Titanium – the finicky superalloy

Machining titanium cost-effectively requires special attention to the distinctive features of this material – particularly for choosing the right tools.

The world nickel market in 2021 – Indonesia rising to the top

Around ninety government and industry representatives met online from 23-26 April 2021 for the most recent International Nickel Study Group meetings.

EPDs outline the impact of its products: Aperam

Aperam is a stainless-steel company with sustainability at its heart. As part of its environmental stewardship efforts, it uses Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) to communicate about the environmental impact its products have across their lifecycle...

MX3D: How WAAM can propel the stainless steel future

MX3D is a research-led company making waves in the design of additive manufacturing systems.