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Our Featured Story archive is a collection of the Featured Story’s which have been published in our magazine and taken pride of place as the ‘unique feature article’ on our Stainless Steel World home page. In addition to industry updates, market news and topical issues of the day the Feature Story provides an interesting mix of company profiles, in-depth technical articles, reports from major end users and features projects in a variety of industries ranging from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to the architecture, power generation, medical and food and beverage industries.

Jiuli: R&D capabilities create more value for clients

Stainless Steel World had the honor of returning to the central Yangtze River delta area to meet with its old acquaintance, JIULI.

Featured Story – India’s burgeoning H2O2 sector means good news for stainless steel...

The market for a key industrial chemical is set to grow, according to a recent report by Global Market Insights. They valued the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) market size at around USD 4.8 billion in 2019 and forecast a growth rate of over 5.7% CAGR from the period of 2020 to 2026.

Featured Story – At the extremes: nickel alloys in space

2020 marked the start of an exciting new decade in space exploration and innovation with nickel-containing alloys playing an important role in the construction of rockets, wheels, and catalysts, to name a few applications.

Featured Story – Robots, pigs and pipes

Groundbreaking robots in the UK eliminate the logistical and environmental impacts of gas line excavation by taking measurements from inside the pipe. To withstand the extreme conditions there, 2507 super-duplex stainless steel was chosen for the robots’ chassis.

Featured Story – Kiwi magic: New Zealander perfects the polished sphere

Lincoln Raikes founded Global Stainless in 2004 to chase a very specific dream: to create perfect stainless steel spheres in a high mirror polish better than anyone else in the world.

Featured Story – Stalatube – the Stainless Revolution is here!

Stalatube is a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel structural hollow sections, profiles, and further processed products, with one of the world’s largest ranges of square and rectangular hollow sections.

Featured Story – Space, air, sea and land: nickel is everywhere!

Nickel has figured prominently in metallurgy news of late because of its importance to the electric vehicle industry and to the battery storage of renewable energy.

Featured Story – 3D-printed titanium goes mainstream

Manufacturing in titanium has become both easier and more sustainable, bearing fruit in better products and new alloys.

Featured Story – Stainless steel creates a luxurious entrance

The Star Sydney’s multi-million-dollar transformation has seen its Pyrmont Street entrance revolutionise the guest arrival experience.

Featured Story – Materials revolution: alloy R&D gains a new lease of life

Until quite recently, materials development was often thought to be a mature discipline.