BUTTING in China: U-Stamp approval from ASME

The production of pressure vessels has for many years been part of the range of services provided by BUTTING in China. The production plant in Tieling has U-Stamp approval from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 
The family business is investing extensively to optimize and expand its production facilities in China for pressure vessels, the manufacture of pipeline systems and ready-to-install components, and for skid solutions.
It is now possible to produce pressure vessels for a wide range of sectors with the U-Stamp in line with the American standard. The ASME code is the set of guidelines for pressure vessels.
Two additional production halls were officially opened at the end of last year.
Currently, BUTTING has over 120 employees at its Chinese plant who mainly produce prefabricated piping components, vessels and tanks, as well as ready-to-install scrubbers and complete skids. The products are used worldwide, particularly in the paper and pulp industry, but also in exhaust gas treatment for marine applications and sea water desalination.