BUMAX supplies BUMAX 88 fasteners to Flintec

BUMAX has supplied its premium BUMAX 88 fasteners for one of Flintec’s most recent weighing modules to meet industry strength and reliability requirements as well as European standards. Flintec has chosen BUMAX as its supplier of premium fasteners for its latest load cells. The load cells are electro-mechanical sensors used to measure force or weight. They provide accurate and robust performance across a diverse range of applications – from automating car manufacturing to weighing shopping at the supermarket checkout.

Crucial properties of the BUMAX 88 stainless steel fastener are high strength, corrosion resistant, durable and maintenance-free with a low-temperature toughness.

The Flintec 55-20 weighing module is a low-profile unit that enables customers to install load cells beneath the legs of their silos, tanks or other storage solutions. The built-in load cell offers a wide range of high precision weighing capacities from 7.5T through to 300T. The 55-20 is equipped with an integrated lift-off system and bump stops.

The low-temperature toughness of BUMAX® 88 is a crucial property for the 55-20 weighing module that helps to avoid breakages in low temperatures when conventional steel can become brittle.

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