Brockhaus in Berlin

At this year’s Coil Winding Conference and Exhibition which takes place in Berlin from 18-20 June 2002, Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Luedenscheid will be presenting its latest developments. The ring core sensor was developed and optimised for quick and practical application. Within the quality control sector – for instance, in the field of transformer and motor construction – the ring sensor is able, in the production line, to determine the magnetic properties of stator and rotor packages and of ring and transformer cores. Winding of the samples is no longer necessary, which significantly shortens the production cycle. The time and money invested in quality control is thereby substantially reduced. The measuring results are processed and evaluated with the well Brockhaus MPG Expert Software. The user-friendly front-end enables easy input of the default settings and easy processing of the measured values.
A further innovation from Brockhaus is the rotary measuring station for testing rotors with permanent magnets. The main field of application for this development is in the manufacture of electric motors. The distribution of the field strength over the whole surface of the rotor is determined and displayed. As a result of the modular structure it is possible to measure any size of rotor. Even distribution of the field strength is particularly important for optimal concentricity of the rotor, since, ultimately, this determines the performance and life cycle of the motor. The results obtained on the rotary measuring station are evaluated and documented with a specially developed software.

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