AMETEK offers “mission-critical” medical applications

Doctors, surgeons, and their fellow healthcare workers must have access and learn to operate highly tuned, top-performing equipment to provide the highest quality of care. 
AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) produces filter powders using a highly refined water atomization technology to ensure the highest quality powder that meets the exact requirements of medical filter manufacturers and OEMs. The water atomization process provides the ability to produce bespoke powders in a wide variety of metals, from stainless steels to nickel and cobalt alloys. AMETEK SMP’s engineers tailor this process to form highly irregular shapes of powder grains that are critical for medical filter producers. A multitude of other shapes and morphologies can be produced including spherical materials used in Additive Manufacturing. The filtration powders produced by AMETEK SMP are then pressed and carefully shaped by the filter producers to offer precision assistance with flow control in “mission-critical”; medical applications, such as ventilators.
Another key advantage AMETEK SMP can offer are extremely short lead times. The facility has the capacity to fulfill urgent orders in as little as two or three days and more standard jobs in just a couple of weeks.