Alleima launches Damax™

Damax™ by Alleima is the next generation of Damascus knife steel. It features the same quality as handcrafted steel and is produced with an innovative industrialized technique, with up to 135 layers of martensitic stainless steel.
Alleima is currently launching a premium Damascus steel on a large-scale production under the trademark name Damax. The new knife steel will be perfectly suited for many knife applications such as kitchen and outdoors.
Damascus steel is known as the “mysterious steel”. The steel is characterized by multiple layers that are welded together and create a decorative characteristic pattern.
The production of Damax takes place in collaboration with Balbachdamast GmbH & Co. KG. With Balbachdamast specialized Damascus welding technique and steel production capabilities at Alleima, the cooperation results in the first large-scale manufacturing of Damascus steel.

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