Alfa Laval expands its range with AlfaNovaTW® 66

Last year, Alfa Laval introduced AlfaNovaTW: the first range of heat exchangers optimized specifically to provide safe and reliable performance in tap water duties, thanks to a unique, 100% stainless steel construction. Currently, the company is expanding the range with the launch of AlfaNovaTW 66, a model that will create new possibilities for domestic tap water systems with higher capacities.

To best meet the needs of the tap water systems market, Alfa Laval has made the AlfaNovaTW range available as standardized models with connections corresponding to common tap water systems.

Having standard models in stock offers a number of benefits for this market. It ensures the fastest possible lead times, and also enables these businesses to provide more cost-effective tap water systems for their customers, with the same high standard of performance and reliability.

The launch of the newest model, AlfaNovaTW 66, will mean that Alfa Laval can now serve a broader scope of capacities with the AlfaNovaTW range.