Advertising Opportunities

Stainless Steel World Magazine connects a vast global community of people and companies involved in the manufacturer, supply and use of corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs). Widely recognised as the leading international magazine in the industry, it keeps readers and advertisers informed of developments throughout the entire supply chain. Technical articles, case studies, end-user interviews, project reviews, market reports and news, provide essential updates for readers and advertisers.

Stainless Steel World Magazine offers a variety of advertising possibilities.

Ranging from single category listings in the Buyers’Guide+Online, through a full range of traditional printed advertisement formats, including full-colour spread print advertisements and live links in our latest interactive publications, to our unique Cover Story Package ( which includes multi-media promotion: digital & on-line + magazine advertisements + editorial + the cover of The Stainless Steel World Magazine.

Stainless Steel World Advertising offers a unique marketing communication portfolio which generates enormous impact and selling power, providing your company with the opportunity to communicate with professional decision-makers in the global stainless steel industry – all potential new clients!

For a full selection of Stainless Steel World Advertising opportunities see the latest STAINLESS STEEL WORLD MEDIA KIT

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