A.D. Tubi Inossidabili and CPC Inox: complementary leading companies for Cardinali Holding

The Headquarter of A.D. Tubi Inossidabili in Casnate con Bernate (CO) Italy.

For many years, A.D. Tubi Inossidabili has been recognised as a leading Italian manufacturer of welded tubes for many of the most demanding applications. In 2023 it was acquired by Cardinali Holding, which also owns CPC Inox, a company with which A.D. Tubi Inossidabili has a long-standing collaborative relationship. The move has generated great synergies for the companies, whose product ranges complement each other without overlap. Stainless Steel World spoke to the A.D. Tubi & CPC Inox team to find out more.

By Joanne McIntyre, Stainless Steel World

In 2023, A.D. Tubi Inossidabili was acquired by Cardinali Holding, which also includes the CPC Inox and Podere Vito Cardinali companies. This move represents an investment of more than EUR 20 million for the Cardinali family holding company, which with CPC INOX, a private service center for stainless steel which ranks among the most important in Europe, creates a Group of more than 300 employees.

The companies

The Headquarters of CPC Inox is located in Basiano, (MI), Italy.
The Headquarters of CPC Inox is located in Basiano, (MI), Italy.

A.D. Tubi Inossidabili, based in Casnate con Bernate (CO), Italy, is a specialist in the production of welded tubes in stainless steel, super austenitic, duplex, nickel, and titanium alloys for extremely demanding markets. The product applications range from the heat exchanger industry for power generation (including nuclear, solar, and geothermal energy) to oil & gas, tubes for desalination plants, and the chemical and petrochemical industries. Currently, the company owns two production facilities in Casnate con Bernate (CO) and Siler City (North Carolina, USA).
Quality, expertise, and flexibility are the three pillars that characterise AD Tubi.
CPC Inox is a leading Italian company producing strips, bars, sheets, and tubes in stainless steel on a national and international scale. The company headquarters are located in Basiano (MI), Italy, along with two production plants in Basiano (MI) and Gessate (MI), and an administrative office in Milan. In addition, CPC Inox has two commercial branches in Germany and France. The company operates in over 23 product sectors and boasts a warehouse stock of 50,000 tons of raw material in various qualities of stainless steel, assorted by thickness, width, and finishes. This vast stock allows the company to fulfil customer requests with quality, rapidity, and punctuality. The company is actively committed to identifying and implementing increasingly sustainable production strategies and techniques to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment.

Strongly complementary entities 

The CEO of Cardinali Holding, Mr Stefano Cardinali.
The CEO of Cardinali Holding, Mr Stefano Cardinali.

The transaction represents a great opportunity for both companies to grow and develop.
The acquisition of A.D. Tubi Inossidabili has created a new industrial hub of reference in the international stainless steel market. CPC Inox is one of the most important private service centres for stainless steel in Europe, and A.D. Tubi Inossidabili is historically recognised as one of the most solid welded tube companies in the world. Together, the merger has achieved two solid and highly competitive industrial realities, thanks to the strong complementarity of the companies.
A.D. Tubi Inossidabili and CPC Inox supply different sectors of the market without overlapping. This means the mergers translates into a significant group advantage, as it allows the companies to be present in multiple industrial sectors, further strengthening their market presence.

Few operational changes

Quality testing during production.
Quality testing during production.

From a strictly operational standpoint, the acquisition has not involved significant changes, except for a change in the company’s leadership and an even more efficient internal reorganisation. Cardinali Holding is already implementing investments in A.D. Tubi Inossidabili that will bring substantial improvements in various aspects including organisational and workflow, environmental, communication, safety, research, and development. Each entity will benefit from the experience of the other, fostering continuous improvement, which is already inherent in the DNA of the holding.

An aerial view of the massive CPC Inox warehouse facilities, where over 50,000 tonnes of stock is stored ready for rapid delivery to customers.
An aerial view of the massive CPC Inox warehouse facilities, where over 50,000 tonnes of stock is stored ready for rapid delivery to customers.

Customer impact

As service quality and customer centrality have always been distinctive features for all companies within the Cardinali Holding, the entry of A.D. Tubi Inossidabili undoubtedly represents an advantage for all customers. The companies collaborated together long before the acquisition. And although their core businesses remain distinct, it is evident that customers will benefit from new productive and commercial synergies.
Thanks to its deep expertise in the reference sectors, recognised quality, professionalism, and ongoing investments in innovation, research, and development, Cardinali Holding is now a robust presence in the stainless steel market. It is a European center of excellence ready to operate on a global scale.

The companies’ range of production

The merger has generated great synergies for the companies, whose product ranges complement each other without overlap.
The merger has generated great synergies for the companies, whose product ranges complement each other without overlap.

A.D. TUBI INOSSIDABILI – The organisational changes will not lead to any significant operational changes. A.D. TUBI Inossidabili operates with a complete inline lean manufacturing process that allows all operations to be performed very efficiently: minimal manual handling during production results in consistency of the products, time optimization and encompassing quality control.
The company produces both GTAW (TIG) and laser welded tubes that offer very high quality products that meet its customers’ needs.
Ongoing investments in new production technology, quality and employee training have driven the tremendous growth of the company over the years and certify the outstanding attention paid to its products.
CPC INOX – CPC Inox follows the steel-ready philosophy, ensuring a diverse inventory of strips, bars, sheets, and tubes in stainless steel. This approach is rooted in the commitment to meet the needs of customers promptly and accurately.
Within the flat products range, CPC Inox offers a variety of options. The production includes cut-to-length strips, generated by 13 slitters capable of producing a wide range of products ranging, encompassing both cold-rolled and hot-rolled variants. Additionally, machined edge strips are a specialty, with options such as deburred and round edges available.
The production capabilities extend to sheets and plates, facilitated by two flattening lines.
CPC Inox’s expertise further includes slit and round-edged flat bars. The range expands to satin-finished round-edged slit flat bars, offering one- to four-sided satin finishes (standard or customized satin grain).
Cpc Inox division Tube Solutions specialises in the production of laser-welded stainless-steel tubes of the latest generation. It offers tubular solutions of the highest quality for the most technically complex and service-intensive applications. In its machining and inspection processes, CPC Inox Tube Solutions uses only state-of-the-art tools such as laser welding lines and laser cutting equipment.


Under the HydraToZero brand, CPC Inox has become a supplier of partially corrugated tubes, a system that, consisting of a single flexible tube without additional joints, effectively eliminates water loss. CPC INOX is committed to being an active part of social and environmental change.

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