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The April 2014 issue of Stainless Steel World contains among other articles:
COVER STORY: Stellar Tube & Pipe Group stands out with industry chain advantage
Being a subsidiary company of the Tsingshan Group, one of the largest stainless steel long products manufacturer in the world, the Stellar Tube & Pipe Group has been focusing on producing and selling industrial stainless steel pipes since its founding in 2006. With ongoing development on its productivity and competitiveness in the past years, “Stellar” brand stainless steel seamless pipes have taken a remarkable share in both domestic and international markets. In recent years the stainless steel pipe market has showed a general depression. Manufacturers have been confronted with a series of challenges including fluctuation of nickel price, anti-dumping measures in some of the important markets, and also the economy downturn. How is Stellar Tube & Pipe Group doing in such an environement and what is their strategy to maintain competitiveness? Stainless Steel World visited Stellar’s headquarters in Longwan District, Wenzhou City, and spoke to Mr. Wan Chengbei, General Sales Manager of the Stellar Tube & Pipe Group.
Making it: aerospace and new production techniques drive titanium sales
Aircraft manufacture, powder metallurgy and 3D printing, amongst others, give titanium a boost
Looking back on a bright career in stainless…
An interview with Kåre Johansson, Norwegian materials consultant
Friction stir welding offers novel repair option
EPRI designed validation tests
Improving low carbon steel production in specialty steel processes with process mass spectrometry
By Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK
“Strength through unity”: Benelux is a vital market for stainless steel at the heart of northern Europe
By James Chater

Duplex Seminar & Summit 2014
The latest information
Late delivery may cost industry millions
Shocking results of a recent survey
Sluggish economy challenges Indian market
Mr Ratan Jindal of Jindal Stainless shares his insights
Watch brands that make their own metals
A look at seven brands that have invented their own alloys
Researcher takes on industry problems
Dr Dirk Engelberg, Corrosion & Protection Centre, University of  Manchester, UK, explains what his work involves 
Taking away the pressure of spring design
How springs work and choosing the right spring for the job
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